Swiss Harvest Family Office stands for mutual trust, highest level of professional competence as well as a passion to ensure that our clients are always thoroughly satisfied.

This goal is contrasted through a variety of cultural backgrounds. It is one of our strengths to be able to cross language, geographical and professional boundaries, in order to address clients engrained in their local communities as well as clients looking towards international business.

We diligently and continuously cater to the client. This is done in a professional, individual and discrete manner.

The counseling of wealthy private persons, families or companies continues to be our area of expertise. We carefully meet these challenges with an individually and independently designed support, within the framework of our Family Office services. Those of worldwide extensive private wealth greatly appreciate the advice in both financial and legal fields, which we are pleased to provide. This service continues to be absolutely independent and under no obligation to any bank. Regarding our costs, our work is absolutely transparent and we do not receive retrocessions from any banks. Our aim is the preservation of assets combined with constant yield and thus capital growth. We offer our clients maximum comfort by fulfilling their wishes so they in turn can enjoy their investments. This entails that our clients have one person of contact, who is responsible for each client's needs.

Swiss Harvest focuses on the areas of international tax law, estate and corporate law as well as consolidation of portfolios and control over asset management. We also take care of foundations, jewelry, real estate as well as private aircraft, should our client be interested. In order to achieve the best results in all areas, as well as upholding the highest possible efficiency and flexibility for our clients, we work with a great number of private and commercial banks, law firms, tax advisers and trust companies. We uphold traditional Swiss practices and habits through our discretion and sense of quality.